On my way to graph databases

For the past month, I’ve been evaluating my first graph database – Neo4j. In this post, I will write about how I got into this database and in the next one, I will tell you about my thoughts on it.Like all computer educated individuals, I was first acquainted with databases back in school and of course, […]

Reliable results for Acidbase performance test alongside introducing batch processing

After I started reading the Elasticsearch’s documentation thoroughly, I realized I missed one really useful feature of it and that’s batch processing! Yes, I had missed the fact that Elasticsearch supports batch insertion / update which as we all know reduces the overhead cost usually. Luckily my implementation could easily support batch processing of data with a […]

Acidbase: The Initial Performance Test

So after implementing the new architecture, I decided it is time to take the whole system out for a spin. I’ve already had chosen some dataset to accompany the system and now I want to test the system’s performance with them. Considering the system architecture, there are four component that I can tune to get a […]

Acidbase: The final architecture

After months of going back and forth, I made the decision to change the architecture of Acidbase because of the following technical issues: Making sure no entity goes un-indexed: as I will get to, this was the number one reason why I revised Acidbase’s architecture. Having no guarantee that the changes of your database will definitely […]

Let’s talk ACL

Every software working with data or databases has the aspect of system security. ACL is the term given to the part of the system which implements this security aspect and it stands for Access Control List. You can also call it: who can do what. Through my years of working / implementing software systems with security aspects, […]